SOWETO FELABRATION… JUMP N FUNK in Africa with Avant Garde Vintage Lounge

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As we are looking forward to the much anticipated Felabration with Rich Medina from Philadelphia, this event is aimed at paying tribute to the late Fela Kuti, celebrating the Afrobeat music, which is more of Jazz fused with Funk and chanted vocals music popularized in Africa in the 1970’s.
This has influenced many Jazz musicians across the board, such as Roy Ayers as well as renowned DJ Rich Medina.
Avant Garde: Vintage Lounge found it appropriate to annually pay tribute and celebrate one of the most prolific African artist of the 21st century.
Rich Medina on the other hand, is widely considered a pioneer in the music and arts community due to his versatility as a journalist, educator, music producer, and a poet…
For the past two decades, Rich medina has cemented his reputation as an elite DJ, one of a few on the planet capable of taking audiences worldwide on a sonic journey through Hip Hop, House, Soul, Afrobeat, Funk, Breaks, and dance classics.
Amongst his many past accomplishments he brought the Fela Kuti Afrobeat sounds to the dance floor which is the very reason that AGVL found it appropriate to invite him to the SA soil to share not only his music but his wisdom towards, various other facets of life in general.
One of Rich’s proudest accomplishments has been the establishment of Jump n Funk in 2001, North America’s original Afrobeat party dedicated to the late Nigerian icon Fela Anikulapo Kuti. The ground work laid down by Medina via his JNF brand to raise global awareness (not to mention the dance floor potential) for Afrobeat was silently vital in setting the stage, literally and figuratively, for the award winning Broadway and worldwide run of Fela.
Rich is one of those rare people who has built himself a platform on his own terms, in his own way, achieving success with every step he takes and enriching countless souls with incredible music and unique wisdom.

Entrance: R150
Session |Time |Artist
Listening Session: Jazz |18:00-18:30 |KsK, Zen Kai Kai
Lift Off: Stage 1 |18:30-20:30 |KsK, SkinDeep
Lift Off: Stage 2 |20:30-23:00 |Zen Kai Kai, Trev the Japanese
Live Act |23:00-00:00 | B.C.U.C
Saturn Arrival |00:00-Close | Rich Medina(Philadelphia)

Food Menu:
Beef, Chicken and Vegan/Vegetarian Curry Wraps.
Gourmet Boerewors Rolls with Homemade Chutney and Cheese.
Coffee, Vanilla Chai and Ginger Tea.

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